Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Globex Information Systems is a software product engineering service provider with a successful track record from years. We build software products for Startups, established Independent Software Vendors and companies. Globex has significant domain expertise in several industry segments including eLearning, Education, Health and Mobile Platforms. Globex product engineering services offer a full range of services for new product development. We provide the following services to our clients:

A detailed definition of the system along with system processes and dependencies is made during this phase, key technology decisions are made in conjunction with the estimates and schedules.

Engineering Plan
We analyze your needs from a software engineering and technology perspective. Keeping the time frames and strategic needs in mind we develop a complete engineering plan for you that will take care of your current and future needs.

Those parts of the system that face most uncertainty and ambiguity are rapidly prototyped during this phase and decisions made through client interaction. The UI and high technical uncertainty portions that threaten the execution of the project are addressed in this phase.

During this phase the system and technology architecture for the product is developed.

A high level design of the system is made taking all the above 'discoveries' and 'definitions' into account. We also address the high level needs of scalability, reliability and ease of maintenance in this phase.

Implementation and Support
Coding of the system is done based on customer-approved milestones and deliverables. Actual realization of the system happens during this phase. A completely tested and approved system is then deployed. Maintenance and support is provided depending on the nature of agreement