IT Services

Globex is a software development company interested in increasing your business through our Software development, Business intelligence solution and Web Application development.

Our development also includes the E-Commerce development, Content Management System (i.e.)CMS and portal development.

Our creative software development center has dedicated and talented software professionals whose development distinguishes the software with high productivity, managing information and smooth functioning of business process.

Globex's software development process is divided into 7 stages

1. Software requirement study (SRS)
2. Feasibility
3. Prototyping
4. Application Development
5. Testing
6. Technical Support
7. Maintenance

Features we calculate

Product Quality: We develop quality products for our clients which create error free and long lifecycle of the product.

Communication with Clients: We understand the client's business, its business objectives then plan to achieve the end result in a very effective manner.

Skill Set: Dot Net, Java, Visual C++, C++,Cold Fusion, PHP, Oracle, MySql and SQL Server.

Software Solutions

As the public sector is asked to do more with less, your software selection takes on an increasingly significant role. The need for a solution that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization's business processes is now, more than ever, crucial to your success. The effective management of those business processes, including the efficient capture, processing and reporting of key data, can present a real challenge even in the best of times. At Globex we rise to that challenge day in and day out, providing powerful software applications backed by a stable, time-tested organization and unparalleled support. Globex offers a variety of software solutions designed specifically to handle the mission critical processes of the public sector marketplace. All of our products can be fully integrated or used as stand-alone applications, offering you the flexibility to build a system that best suits your unique public sector software needs. Because we maintain full control over the complete product life cycle, from design and development to implementation, training, and support, we share your investment in our software's ability to deliver consistent, high quality results. We realize that your selection of Globex is a choice. We are confident it is a choice you will make only once, but will benefit from for years to come.
Recognizing the importance of choice, Globex offers the following full featured software suites for your gracious consideration.Globex provides companies with new and innovative software solutions to automate complex manual processes, improve data quality, and better assured regulatory compliance. These applications can be quickly deployed to meet your company's or department's unique needs. Our process involves discussing your challenges and current processes to develop a set of requirements; then, creating a custom application that meets those requirements. Since we understand many of the complexities and requirements of building software for life sciences companies, you won't spend your time explaining the industry to us. These applications can be less complex, single-user solutions or more complex, multi-user solutions.

With us you get:

  • Highly targeted and customized solution to cope with your business needs
  • Integration with your existing systems or new applications
  • Full-scale support and technical consultancy
  • Significant improvement of your company's operational performance

QA & Testing

Software testing is the process used to help identify the correctness, completeness, security and quality of developed computer software. Software testing may be viewed as a sub-field of software quality assurance but typically exists independently (and there may be no SQA areas in some companies). In SQA, software process specialists and auditors take a broader view on software and its development. They examine and change the software engineering process themself to reduce the amount of faults that end up in the code or deliver faster. Regardless of the methods used or level of formality involved the desired result of testing is a level of confidence in the software so that the developers are confident that the software has an acceptable defect rate. A common practice of software testing is that it is performed by an independent group of testers after finishing the software product and before it is shipped to the customer. This practice often results in the testing phase being used as project buffer to compensate for project delays. Another practice is to start software testing at the same moment the project starts and it is a continuous process until the project finishes.